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    Telephone Lines Managing Director, Malcolm Percival’s love of telephones might have started by chance when he accepted an old telephone in lieu of rent but it has proved to be an enduring passion! He now has over 40 years of experience and dedication to the location, renovation and selling of old telephones.

    Malcolm is one of the original members of the Telephone Heritage Group.

    He is a past president of the Independent Telecommunication Suppliers Association and in 1986, his company won the European Export Challenge with the reward of an exhibition at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Currently he is an active member of the American, Australian and New Zealand Telephone Collectors Associations.

    He has had various articles published on collecting telephones and their investment potential including one for Antique Explorer. Miller’s guide, the “bible” for those interested in antique and retro items, often photographs a number of our telephones for inclusion in their publications. He has also been the subject of articles in the Times, Telegraph, Financial Times, Observer and Daily Mail. Malcolm’s enthusiasm for old telephones and commitment to spreading knowledge led him to personally finance the re-publication of a key source of information for the collector; ”Vintage Telephones of the World,” which you can purchase from us.

    Our expertise has often proved to be useful for T.V., films including The Avengers, theatres and museums. Malcolm and the High Street shop in Cheltenham have appeared on television many times, with Malcolm as the “expert” in Collectors’ Lot and recently, as the “cherry-picked specialist” in Cash in the Attic! Telephone Lines was able to provide authentic telephones for the Cabinet rooms of the War Office in the T.V. series about Churchill, and we also supplied the telephone which stars in “Deal or No Deal”.

    We can and do provide authentic telephones for hire or for sale to theatres around the country including the National Theatre, the Young Vic, the Criterion and the Donmar. Telephones can be provided to set the scene or to be used ie. in full working order.

    We have enjoyed working with museums to furnish their exhibits, for example, the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry and the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. Whilst further afield, Telephone Lines has supplied virtually all the telephones for  museums in Mexico ,Russia and Morocco. We have also supplied museum shops as for example the Design Museum in London and the Imperial War Museum.Other museums choose old phones for public use such as listening to recordingsof  the history of display items & we work closely with an audio company on these projects.

    We supply phones for Prop shops and shop window displays including O2 &  GAP in America and also phones for themed pub interiors. With our wealth of interesting pieces in stock we can be sure to offer customers the right telephone for their needs.

    Our wide range of contacts around the world means that Telephone Lines is in a position to locate a sought after telephone or part for a collector. We are also interested in buying collections and can give advice and valuations to collectors for their own needs and for insurance purposes.

    We have many years of experience and expertise in problem-solving in the repair and restoration of old telephones. Even the earliest instruments come lovingly restored and all but the few early collectors’ pieces are sold in full working order, with a 12 month guarantee and an optional further 3 year guarantee.

    Telephones have proved to be an excellent and functional investment over the years. Currently the last dial phones used in Britain ( the 746’s and 706’s ) are now also beginning to appreciate rapidly and can be purchased from us.

    Our telephones are listed in categories:- collectors, traditional,fun, designer and mobile. We also offer kiosks and kiosk accessories, spares, literature and other memorabilia as well as providing repair, conversion and hire services.

    We look forward to hearing from you, by telephone, skype, email or mail. 

    We accept paypal to   info@telephonelines.net,  BACS,cheques and credit cards.


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